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Finally, an automated stock picking system that is so good that you still make great returns on your investment regardless of the state of the economy.

More than just identifying the best stocks to buy, we tell you exactly when to sell them too.

Ideal for even the beginning investor with no prior knowledge of investing as we tell you exactly when to buy and sell every stock we recommend

By the time you finish reading this, you will have regained your confidence that you can still make money in the stock market. Not only that you will believe that now is a good time to invest in the stock market, you will understand that even though overall the economy is in a recession, there are still many companies finding solutions to problems, growing, expanding, making new discoveries and just opening their doors.






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How One Man Figured Out the Stock Market

As so many of us have, Greg, developer of the Penny Stock Heaven, tried the stock market time after time and sometimes made money and sometimes lost money. Greg thought to himself “There’s got to be a better way to make the stock market work. It can’t be a game of chance. Everything in life has a rhyme, reason, or rule to it. I just need to figure out the rule to the stock market.”

Well, it turns out that while there may be rules to it, there are so many different variables that it took a long time to find a system that really worked. Over the course of several years he studied all the investment theories, consulted financial advisors and spent extraordinary amounts of time at his computer.

Each time Greg thought he had found the key to stock market success, he put it to work investing his own hard-earned money from his day job. Throughout the entire time Greg was working on putting together an effective computerized trading system, he kept working a 9 to 5 job in order to fund his much-needed experiments in investing.

He was down to the last of the money he could afford to lose. He had only one attempt left with his system that he had spent years working on. That last test was a success. He had over a 200% return on investment and knew that his program really worked.

Finally after much hard work and lots of testing and learning from those tests, Greg had discovered the keys that bring stock market success.

The Key to High Returns is Choosing Only the Best Performing Stocks

The computerized stock trading system that he developed tracks US markets and recommends only the top performing Penny stocks that simply have the most momentum going for them at any one time. Only a sophisticated program could track the volume of stocks being traded in order to tell you which ones have the best chance to go higher and generate huge profits.

The Key to High Returns is Selling at the Right Time

One of the things that will ensure you get the maximum return on your investment is knowing when to get out. You must sell your shares at the optimal time, in order to get the best possible return or occasionally to avoid the worst possible loss.

Our computerized trading system tracks when momentum is starting to drop and tells you exactly when to sell your shares.

The Key to High Returns Is Taking Emotion Out of Investing

For many people investing causes a roller coaster of emotions. They are gleeful when their stock is rising, dismayed when it’s dropping and distraught when it sells for less than they bought it for. The use of our computerized trading system takes the human emotion out of investing in stocks.

You simply follow the buy and sell signals given in the newsletter and your portfolio will take care of itself. It is a proven fact that even with a great program that is highly accurate, there will still be times when stocks do not perform as the program expects them to. However, following a strategy of investing in the best performing stocks will, over the long run bring your best chance for success.

Finally, an investment system that takes the guesswork and emotion out of investing.
Now that you know the 3 keys to high return, how do you apply them in real life?

It’s a simple 3-step process.

Step 1: Read your email. (Probably something you do anyway.) Be sure to check for the buy and sell signal alerts that we will send you.

Step 2: Decide how much you will invest and in which stocks. Sit back and let your money grow.

Step 3: Check your inbox for alerts on the ideal timing of when to get out. Just wait for the sell signal and take action. 

Entry Point $1.70 on 6/1/09
High $3.88 on 6/12/09
Potential Gain of 128%
Entry Point $1.66 on 6/11/09
High $3.19 on 7/23/09
Potential Gain of 92%
Entry Point $0.40 on 6/17/09
High $1.09 on 6/22/09
Potential Gain of 173%
Entry Point $1.03 on 6/22/09
High $2.87 on 8/3/09
Potential Gain of 179%
Entry Point $0.65 on 7/6/09
High $1.98 on 7/29/09
Potential Gain of 205%
Entry Point $0.74 on 7/16/09
High $0.92on 8/6/09
Potential Gain of 24%
Entry Point $0.42 on 7/21/09
High $0.53 on 8/4/09
Potential Gain of 26%
Entry Point $1.28 on 7/27/09
High $1.76 on 8/6/09
Potential Gain of 38%
Entry Point $1.28 on 7/28/09
High $7.11 on 8/19/09
Potential Gain of 455%
Entry Point $1.48 on 7/31/09
High $2.90 on 8/10/09
Potential Gain of 96%

AVERAGE 141% Return


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The bottom line is this isn’t for everyone and I recognize that.  Not everyone is interested in trading stocks on a daily basis, but everyone is interested in making money.

Many cannot cope with any type of loss whatsoever.  And even though I’ve been returning and average of 132% for my members over the last 6 months, occasionally the formula misses the mark on one stock, and when it does, people lose money.

But the truth is if you trade any type of stock on a regular basis it is a given that occasionally you will have a losing trade once in a while.   If you are the kind of person who is not stable enough to handle any type of loss, than this is not for you.

I am looking for serious people only who want to become millionaires in 24 months by following my exact strategy to make you a fortune in penny stocks.

If you are a courageous individual who likes making money and is willing to take very calculated and controlled risks to maximize your gains and minimize any loses, then the Penny Stocks Heaven alerts are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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